Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has launched a media effort urging U.S. Representatives including Bill Johnson (OH-6), Bob Gibbs (OH-7) and Michael Turner (OH-10) to oppose “spending any more on the Wind Production Tax Credit,” according to a Portsmouth Daily Times article. AFP-Ohio State Director Eli Miller stated the group’s argument, saying, “[e]xtending the Wind PTC another year will cost $13 billion over the next decade. . . .Despite 20 years of taxpayer subsidies, wind energy has yet to show independence and accounts for less than 3% of electricity production.” However, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) doesn’t agree, saying that the PTC “keeps electricity rates low and encourages development of proven renewable energy projects,” noting that wind power now provides energy to more than 15.5 million homes in America. AWEA says that not extending the PTC would “kill jobs and roll back progress that the nation has made to diversify its electricity portfolio.” For more, read the full article.