FCA has published the minutes of the MiFID 2 implementation round table meeting it held on 22 February. FCA noted that there was little implementation news since the previous meeting but that progress in this area is expected soon. The minutes recognised that the debate around the Commission’s proposal to delay the implementation by a year focused around the issues of the application of pre-trade transparency to package transaction, and the possible opportunity to change Article 2.1.d to allow commercial firms to be members or participants in forex venues without being required to be authorised. The round table also discussed aspects of FCA’s now-closed consultation on MiFID 2 (see FReD 23 December 2015). The minutes also report that the Commission will not be publishing written responses to questions raised on the Level 1 legislation at its MiFID 2 transposition workshop. (Source: FCA publishes MiFID 2 round table minutes)