1. Specimen of the mark
  2. Name, address and nationality/domicile of the applicant
  3. Nature of business of the applicant, e.g. manufacturers, merchants, etc.
  4. Specification of goods for which the mark is applied.
  5. International classification of goods.
  6. Whether the mark is in use. If yes, please specify period of user
  7. Transliteration and translation of non-English words appearing in the mark


The POA is required to be simply signed and Company seal affixed on it.


POA is required to be submitted within 3 months of the filing of the Trademark application

Other Information

  • PRIORITY CLAIM- since Sri Lanka is a member of the Paris convention, priority applications can be filed.

Document required for priority:

Certified copy of priority Application together with its certified English translation if from a non-English speaking jurisdiction.

  • USE CLAIM – As per procedure in Sri Lanka, at the time of filing the application no ‘use information’ is to be incorporated. Use information (whether proposed or not) is required to be submitted only if the Registry calls for this specifically at a later stage (by way of some office action)  


If priority documents are not submitted at the time of filing the application in Sri Lanka, they can be filed within three months of lodging the Application.

  • No provision for MULTI CLASS APPLICATION/S.
  • SERVICE MARK applications up to 45 classes can be filed.