The U.S. Court of Federal Claims (COFC) sustained a bid protest regarding a Military Sealift Command (MSC) procurement for vertical replenishment services because the agency improperly accepted the awardee’s late submissions of proposal revisions.Geo-Seis Helicopters, Inc. v. United States, No. 07-155C (Fed. Cl. Jul. 30, 2007). After submitting a timely initial proposal, the awardee submitted a revised proposal that was one-half hour late and, subsequently, submitted a final proposal revision that also was one-half hour late. In both cases, the MSC issued solicitation amendments, after the closing times had passed, to extend the deadlines. The COFC held that the MSC’s acceptance of the awardee’s proposal revisions was improper because the solicitation included FAR Clause 52.215-1, “Instructions to Offerors – Competitive Acquisition,” which provides in mandatory language that any proposal, modification, or revision received after the exact time specified for receipt of offers is late and will not be considered unless one of three exceptions applies. Since none of the three exceptions applied, the MSC should have rejected the awardee’s proposal and selected another offeror for award. The COFC also held that the MSC could not properly extend the proposal submission deadlines by issuing solicitation amendments after the deadlines had passed. Permitting such post-hoc amendments would allow the Government arbitrarily to claim in some circumstances that FAR Clause 52.215-1 precludes it from considering a late proposal, while asserting in other circumstances that the clause is not a bar to issuing solicitation amendments that would permit such consideration. Notably, the protester had first unsuccessfully pursued its protest with the GAO, which, consistent with past GAO precedent, held that the MSC may issue post-hoc solicitation amendments extending the closing dates for proposals. See Geo-Seis Helicopters, Inc., Comp. Gen. Dec. B-299175 et al., Mar. 5, 2007. The COFC stated that “[t]hose GAO decisions are not persuasive and they will not be adopted.”