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We now have a batting-order for Report Stage on the Public Bodies Bill, a motion tabled by Lord Taylor of Holbeach having been agreed to that amendments be marshalled and considered in the following (conventional) order: Clause 1, Schedule 1, Clause 2, Schedule 2, Clause 3, Schedule 3, Clause 4, Schedule 4, Clause 5, Schedule 5, Clause 6, Schedule 6 and then Clauses 7-28.

Some intreresting government amendments have also now been tabled including amendments for the omission of Schedule 6 (Broads Authority and National Parks Authorities subject to orders authorising delegation) complementing Lord Greaves earlier proposed amendment to delete clause 6, amendments to introduce the Plant Varieties and Seeds Tribunal into and to delete the Security Industry Authority from Schedule 1 (bodies subject to orders to abolish), to add the Competition Commission and the OFT into Schedule 2 (bodies subject to orders to merge) and to insert the Advisory Council on Public Records, the Keeper of Public Records and the Public Records Office into Schedule 5 (bodies subject to orders to modify or transfer functions). All the bodies to be inserted previously featured in the now deleted Schedule 7 "waiting room" Schedule