The new Brazilian Migration law went into effect on 21 November 2018, introducing significant changes.  Since then, the National Council of Immigration has issued 25 new Normative Resolutions and another two are expected to be published during March, regulating the different types of work visas and residence permits. In addition, the Ministry of Justice has just issued seven “Portaria Interministerial”, regulating the obtaining and renewal of different types or residence permits.

There are now only five types of visas:  visitor’s (which can be used for tourism, business, transit and certain types of work for up to 90 days); temporary; diplomatic; official and courtesy.  In addition to visas, there are the residence permits, which can be used in conjunction with all types of temporary visa. 

Now it is also possible to change a visitor’s visa into a residence permit, without the need to go abroad to apply for a work visa, as was the case in the past.

Maria Luisa Soter, partner at Veirano Advogados, Brazil