The Technology and Construction Court has ruled that a Claimant, CIP Properties' costs budget would be slashed in half, including costs it had already incurred.

On a claim put at around £18m, CIP Properties had incurred a total of over £4.2m, before disclosure had been completed and before work on witness statements, experts' meetings and reports had begun. Its costs budget to trial anticipated another £5m of costs, making a total of over £9m. The Defendant, GTIL's costs budget was under £4.5m, despite having to fight claims up the line against CIP Properties and down the line to its sub-contractors and sub-consultants.

The judge set CIP Properties' total budget at £4.28m, less than their incurred costs, by cutting the costs against each of the incurred and anticipated costs. He was critical of the huge increases in their costs budget over the previous year, from £3.4m to £9.2m. GTIL's costs budget was approved with a £250,000 reduction.  The Third Party costs budgets were approved in full.

CIP Properties (AIPT) Limited v Galliford Try Infrastructure Limited & Others [2015] EWHC 481 (TCC)