The National Toxicology Program (NTP) and the Office of Dietary Supplements are seeking information and comments on an approach document titled “Identifying Research Needs for Assessing Safe Use of High Intakes of Folic Acid.” According to NTP, the information gathered through the request will be used to prioritize topics for a workshop the agency is planning “to identify research needs based on consideration of the state of the science related to the safe use of high intakes of folic acid.”

Although “[t]he benefit of supplemental folic acid for pregnant women to prevent neural tube defects in their children is well established,” NTP stated, “at the same time, there is interest in understanding potential adverse health impacts from high intakes of folic acid.” The agency is specifically seeking information on the following topics: (i) “health effects of most concern for high folate intake”; (ii) “assessments of folic acid intake and folate levels that are relevant and validated for high exposure”; (iii) “critical co-factors for the evaluation of potential health impacts of folic acid”; and (iv) “experts in the field who should be considered for inclusion in the workshop.” NTP will accept information and comments through May 28, 2013. See Federal Register, April 5, 2013.