Last year, we wrote a blog about valuing damages in personal injury claims. We explained that compensation awards are dependent on the duration, severity and type of injury sustained.

When considering how much compensation a personal injury claim is worth, a court will look at a range of factors. It is often difficult to give an exact value before thorough investigation. However, there is a set of guidelines which gives an estimated value for each injury claim. Previous cases will also give an idea of what has been awarded in the past for similar injuries.

In a series of articles, we will outline the most common injuries our personal injury solicitors handle. We’ll also advise on the amount you can recover as a result of those injuries. This article specifically focuses on orthopaedic injuries.

Damage to bones and muscle (orthopaedic injuries)

The most common injuries we see are damaged bones and muscles caused by accidents at work, in a public place or on the road. These injuries range from minor whiplash cases to the more extreme broken bones and muscle tears etc. For an indicator of how much a claim is worth, we would firstly look at how serious the injury was. Further, we would need to see how long it takes for the client to recover from those injuries. For example:

Suffering from whiplash following a rear-end collision in your vehicle:

  • If soft tissue/muscular injuries to the back and neck recover within three months, then compensation is estimated to total up to £2,150.00.
  • Soft tissue/muscular injuries which take up to a year to recover are valued higher, around £3,800.00.
  • Where there are complications and you suffer from long term pain, or if you are left vulnerable to further issues, your compensation will increase to around £6,000.00 to £12,000.00.
  • In extreme cases where you have experienced serious injury such as breaking your spine and consequently suffering from severe disabilities, your compensation can rise to £130,000.00.

Breaking your leg after slipping on a wet surface in a supermarket:

  • Breaking a bone below the knee and recovering in full can see awards of up to £10,000.00.
  • If you suffer from a serious compound fracture and never fully recover (but are able to return to work and walk) then damages can increase anywhere between £25,000.00 to £35,000.00.
  • If the injuries you sustain are most serious and you are left permanently disabled or even require amputation, then your compensation can increase from anywhere between £50,000.00 to £120,000.00.

Crushing your hand in machinery whilst at work:

  • If you are fortunate to walk away with bruising and cuts, then they may receive up to £3,800.00.
  • However, if your fingers are broken because of the accident and you suffer from long-term issues as a result, the amount of compensation can increase to around £30,000.00.
  • In the most extreme cases where your hand does not fully recover or needs amputating, damages can increase to around £50,000.00£75,000.00.