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Specific offences and restrictions


What are the key corruption and bribery offences in your jurisdiction?

The key corruption and bribery offences in Nigeria include:

  • accepting undue gratification;
  • giving or accepting undue gratification through an agent;
  • fraudulently acquiring property;
  • fraudulently receiving property;
  • committing offences through the postal system;
  • deliberately frustrating the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s investigations;
  • making false statements or returns;
  • offering gratification by or through agents;
  • bribing public officers;
  • using an office or position for undue gratification;
  • bribery in relation to auctions;
  • bribing someone to provide assistance with, for example, contracts;
  • dealing with property acquired through gratification;
  • making false or misleading statements to the commission; and
  • attempted or actualised conspiracy.

Hospitality restrictions

Are specific restrictions in place regarding the provision of hospitality (eg, gifts, travel expenses, meals and entertainment)? If so, what are the details?

There are no specific restrictions regarding hospitality. However, the law covers “obtaining property or any benefit of any kind” in the discharge of official duties.

Facilitation payments

What are the rules relating to facilitation payments?

No rules specifically relate to facilitation payments. However, any form of gift given to a public official in the course of carrying out his or her duties is strictly prohibited by the Code of Conduct for Public Officers, as contained in the 1999 Constitution.

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