Skinnygirl Cocktails, LLC and a consumer have filed a joint stipulation of dismissal in a lawsuit alleging that the company and its reality-TV-star founder, Bethenny Frankel, mislabeled its Margarita cocktail as “natural” despite containing the preservative sodium benzoate. Langendorf v. Skinnygirl Cocktails, LLC, No. 11-7060 (N.D. Ill., joint stipulation of voluntary dismissal with prejudice filed May 5, 2015). The joint stipulation comes after the court refused to certify the class in October 2014, finding that the plaintiff failed to show that the class was ascertainable and that the plaintiff was not a suitable representative for the class due to a personal relationship with her counsel. The stipulation does not indicate whether the parties reached a settlement. Additional information about the denial of class certification appears in Issue 544 of this Update.