Occasional Paper No.24: An empirical analysis of European life insurance portfolio regulations

The FSA has published Occasional Paper No. 24, An empirical analysis of European life insurance portfolio regulations. Insurance firms across EU Member States are subject to capital requirements in order to reduce the risk of insurer insolvency. Most Member States supplement solvency capital requirements by regulating the portfolio of assets covering firms' liabilities. This Occasional Paper looks at the different approaches in portfolio regulation of life insurance firms, particularly the regulations imposed on asset allocation with a view to mitigating investment risk.

Almost 70% of people shop around to get the best deals on new gadgets. But only 43% bother to compare deals on life insurance

The FSA has published new figures which show that people are more prepared to shop around for home gadgets than they are when searching for life insurance. Of those polled 52% advised that they find it too complicated to compare one life insurance product against another. Also 46% of those polled did not know if they were getting a good deal.