As we told you here, the Vermont Office of the Attorney General (“VT AG”) previously published 25 enforcement actions taken against manufacturers of pharmaceutical, biological and medical devices for failing to comply with the state’s Prescribed Products Disclosure Law, 18 V.S.A. §§ 4631, 4632.  The VT AG also posted three more recent enforcement actions.  According to a press release from the VT AG, these three manufacturers self-reported non-compliance, agreed to prospective compliance with the Vermont law, and paid a total of $102,500 to the state in fees and civil penalties.  Additionally, one manufacturer donated $35,000 to the Vermont Head Start Tooth Tutor Program.  Attorney General Sorrell is quoted in the press release as stating: “Once again, my office appreciates that the fact that these companies were forthcoming about their activities and cooperative in resolving these violations . . . As I’ve said before, similarly situated manufacturers that are less forthright or less cooperative will not receive such favorable treatment.”