Department of Justice Criminal Information January 21, 2010

On January 21, 2010, FCPA charges were filed against the informant who led the government to the 22 individuals indicted in the FCPA sting operation made public two days earlier, confirming that the individual in question, Richard Bistrong, had been cooperating in order to seek leniency in his own prosecution. The charges against Bistrong are that he conspired to bribe a U.N. agent in order to obtain contracts with the United Nations to supply $6 million in body armor, and also that Bistrong conspired to bribe a Dutch official to win a $2.4 million contract to supply pepper spray to the Rotterdam police. Bistrong originally came to the attention of U.S. law enforcement because his former employer, then known as Armor Holdings, Inc., made a voluntary disclosure to the DOJ and SEC about these events.