A summary of recent and upcoming significant employment law policy developments:

The UK and Brexit

Limited information has started to emerge about the Government’s Brexit proposals, however, little clarity exists over the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU and the nature of its future relationship. Read our frequently asked questions on the effect of Brexit on employment law and immigration and keep an eye on our Brexit hub for news of future developments.

Modern slavery and trafficking: mandatory business reporting

The end of September marked the deadline for the first qualifying businesses to publish their slavery and trafficking statements under the Modern Slavery Act. Read our briefing on how organisations are responding and practical lessons learnt.

Significant changes to industrial action and trade union law

The new Trade Union Act 2016 changes the law on industrial action, including balloting and picketing arrangements. It will also affect how public sector employers manage union facility time and check-off arrangements and changes the role and power of the Certification Officer (a form of regulator for trade unions).

Many provisions in the Act cannot be implemented until further implementing legislation is finalised. New regulations, guidance and amended Codes of Practice are expected in October to allow the industrial action changes under the Act to be implemented before the end of 2016. For further information, read our briefing.

Gender pay gap reporting

The Government aims to have new laws requiring employers to publish gender pay gap data in force by April 2017. Employers are likely to have until 4 April 2018 to publish their first set of statistics. Employers should prepare now, with pay audits and communication plans. Read our briefing. Details of our gender pay gap training here.

The apprenticeship levy

The apprenticeship levy is expected to come into effect in April 2017. The Government plans to publish updated funding proposals soon and employer guidance in December 2016. Affected employers will need to devote resources, as well as money, when responding to the levy. Read our briefing.