Many states are beginning to take notice and ban the toxic chemical bisphenol A(BPA) from children’s products, including baby bottles, sippy cups and other food containers. On October 1st in Connecticut one of these laws began to be implemented. Baby products, food cans, and reusable food and beverage containers that are sold, produced or distributed in Connecticut can no longer contain BPA.

While the law begins to take effect in Connecticut, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill, AB 1319, that bans BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups. California becomes the ninth state to enact some form of BPA ban. The ban will begin on July 1, 2013, and requires manufactures to use the least toxic alternative in those products. The bill which was sponsored by Sen. Fran Pavley was three years in the making. The senator worked very hard on moving the bill forward as the original bill was defeated just one year ago. As Connecticut begins its ban and California takes its first steps in the process, it will be interesting to see if more states enact similar bans or if a bill comes at the Federal level.