It's now only 25 days until Election Day (can you believe it?), and so here are some links to helpful election-related information for employers:

State Guide to Voting Laws. Check out what your state says (if anything) about paid or job-protected leave for voting or serving as an election officer, as well as attempts by employers to influence their employees' votes. We've also included a summary of Canadian laws on the last page, after Wyoming.

And here are some links to other information that may be of interest:

Is all that political talk around the water cooler such a good idea? Here is my two cents. Be sure to also check the State Guide linked above – in some states it is illegal for an employer to try to influence employees' votes.

Wondering what your candidate really intends to do about employment or labor law? So are we! Here are some debate questions for Obama, Romney, Biden, and Ryan, and a recap of questions from elsewhere. For a "state of the National Labor Relations Board," you can't do better than reading these three recent bulletins from the always-insightful David Phippen:

* The End of Common Sense? NLRB Decision on Off-Duty Access Leaves Employers in a Bind

* Car Dealership Must "Cease and Desist" From Requiring Courteous Behavior, NLRB Rules

* NLRB Clubs Costco Social Media Policy

We'll continue to keep you informed as we enter the home stretch. Whatever your views, please be sure to vote on November 6!