In a ruling rendered on June 25, 2013, the FSC consolidated its relevant rulings with respect to Paragraph 1 of Article 45 of the Financial Holding Companies Act (“FHC Act”) for financial institutions’ easy reference and compliance.  The FSC also expanded the scope of generally permissible transactions between a financial holding company or its subsidiary and interested parties prescribed in Paragraph 1 of Article 45 of FHC Act with a view to facilitating the practical operations.  For instance, a transaction involving non-equity-linked structured products with standardized transaction terms sold to a natural person customer or a transaction with the amount of no more than NTD 5 million shall be deemed as complying with the requirement of Paragraph 1 of Article 45 of FHC Act, so long as the terms of such transactions are not more favorable than those offered to similarly situated persons and such transactions are handled in accordance with internal rules relating to board resolution.