USCIS has withdrawn the June 16, 2008 version of the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verifi cation, and has reinstated the use of the June 5, 2007 version. The June 5, 2007 version has been updated with a new expiration date of June 30, 2009. Other than the revision date, there are no differences between the two versions. The form is available at

Employers are required to use Form I-9 to verify the identity and work eligibility of all new employees (including U.S. citizens) at the time they are hired. The form is not submitted to the government. Instead, employers must retain completed I-9 forms for all current employees. I-9 records must be retained for terminated employees for three years after the employee’s date of hire or one year after the date that employment is terminated, whichever is later.