Despite private closed-door meetings between President Barack Obama, several U.S. Senators leaders in the private-sector, new climate bill language is not expected to be released until the week of April 19. Billed as the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman bill, named for the three Senators from the Democratic, Republican, and Independent ideologies driving the discussion, the legislation is expected to include incentives for both sides of the isle. Details are few and far between, but it is widely rumored that the language will include:

  • A modified cap-and-trade-and-dividend hybrid that will incorporate ideas from both the trade and dividend models.
  • Provisions for domestic off-shore drilling.
  • Nuclear power incentives.
  • Carbon tariffs on imports.

One of the meetings that was held included a Whitehouse meeting where Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was asked to act as a liaison between the bill drafters and the manufacturing community. Brown has been advocating for the manufacturer-friendly provisions from his "IMPACT" ( bill included in any climate legislation that is introduced.