The General Court of the European Union has upheld a ruling that pomazánkové máslo, a product primarily marketed in the Czech Republic, cannot be labeled as “butter” under the single common market organization (CMO) regulation. Czech Republic v. European Commission, No. T-51/14 (Gen. Ct., order entered May 12, 2015). The product, a spread used in similar ways to butter, has a minimum fat content of 31 percent by weight, a minimum dry nonfat milk-material content of 42 percent, and a water content of up to 58 percent. The court ruled that the product does not meet the regulation’s standards, which require between 80 and 90 percent of milk-fat content, a maximum water content of 16 percent and a maximum dry material content of 2 percent. Further, the court ruled, the Czech Republic cannot circumvent the provisions of the single CMO regulation by claiming to be exempt if the product is not on the exemption list. See EU Press Release, May 12, 2015.