HC Environmental Audit Committee: EU and UK environmental policy: this report concludes that EU membership has been a crucial factor in shaping UK environmental policy on air and water pollution, and biodiversity. EU membership has given the UK a platform to pursue its environmental objectives internationally and to influence the strategic, long-term direction of policy; it has also ensured that environmental action in the UK has been taken on a faster timetable, and more thoroughly than would otherwise have been the case. A UK outside the EU would still have to follow some EU environmental legislation, but with significantly less ability to influence how it is developed. (19 April 2016)

Green Alliance: The environmental case for staying in the EU: this issue of the Green Alliance's Inside Track magazine contains a collection of articles laying out the case that the EU has been a force for good on the environment and that a vote to leave the EU would mean enormous jeopardy for Britain’s environment. It sets out a range of perspectives from those who have seen EU environmental policy from the inside, and those who have observed the changes to the UK's environment on the outside. It also provides an update on Green Alliance's latest projects, including how it is changing the debate around renewables and its initiative with eight other environmental organisations to set out actions for the next mayor of London. (12 April 2016)