The Legislative initiative Committee, which includes NSZZ “Solidarność” and other social, Catholic, employee and employer organisations has tabled a draft bill in the Sejm, the Polish parliament, which could restrict Sunday trading.

According to the draft bill, the trading ban will affect most on the trading posts, including shops, stands, stalls, DIY stores, wholesale stores and mail order companies. The regulation is also to include franchisees, entrepreneurs who run a business based on an agency contract (excluding petrol stations), door-to-door and itinerant traders.

The draft bill also provides a number of deviations from the trading ban. Petrol stations, bakeries, shops located at train stations and airports or newspaper kiosks will be exempted from the ban. Small neighbourhood shops can still stay open provided that its owner stands at the counter. The draft bill assumes also seven “trading Sundays” during the year, which allow shops to stay open e. g. on the Sundays preceding Christmas, Easter and during sales periods.