A severe vehicle accident can change your life forever. Even when you are lucky enough to survive, there is a chance you will never be able to lead the kind of life you did before the accident. From excruciating pain and suffering to outrageous medical expenses and job loss, vehicle accidents come with extreme life changes. The loss of a job is the most damaging effect of vehicle accidents, particularly among sole breadwinners.

Suppose you have to take time off work because of severe injuries that you suffered after a vehicle accident. In that case, you still have options, and you can consult with an experienced vehicle accident lawyer who can help you fight for your rights and make sure that you get adequately covered for the loss of job or loss of income. Here are different options victims of severe vehicle accidents have, particularly when they are unable to work due to severe injuries or disabilities following a vehicle crash.

Canada Pension Plan Disability                                          

People who are under the age of 65 can successfully make regular contributions to their Canada Pension Plan to be eligible for benefits in case they get involved in a vehicle accident that renders them unable to work or disabled. You may qualify for the benefits if the injuries sustained in the accident are prolonged and severe. Keep in mind that you must have contributed to this plan within four of the last six years or three of the past six years in case you didn't have an opportunity to contribute for 25 years or more.

Employment Insurance Programs

It's possible that an insurance program provided by an employer has some type of disability benefits. To be eligible for such benefits, you must have been employed at the time you suffered the injuries, had your regular earnings reduced by at least 40%, and meet the specific illness benefits qualifications specified by your employer.

Income Replacement Benefits

This type of disability benefit is provided in accordance with the statutory accident benefits schedule - a mandatory provision in all vehicle insurance policies. For about a hundred and four weeks after the auto accident that caused your disability, you are entitled to get payment every two weeks via your insurance policy. These benefits are designed to replace a portion of the lost income and are tied to a limit of $400 a week. In many cases, the amount you are eligible for will depend on your annual income.

Seek Legal Counsel

Determining the specific amount of disability benefits you are eligible for following a severe vehicle accident can be challenging, particularly if you choose to do it alone. For this reason, it is highly recommended to consult with an experienced vehicle accident lawyer who can help you understand the various options you have. Your lawyer will not only build a strong case and prove your disability but will also ensure that you get the amount of compensation you are eligible for to cover the losses incurred.