On June 2, the CFPB released a report with various analyses of payday loans, payday installment loans, vehicle title loans, and deposit advance products. The report’s six chapters examine: (i) consumer usage and default patterns for vehicle title installment loans and payday installment loans; (ii) consumer account activity before and after the discontinuation of deposit advance products, analyzing whether consumers who used such products “overdrew their accounts or took out payday loans more frequently after banks stopped offering the products”; (iii) the impact of varying state laws on storefront payday lending in Texas, Colorado, Washington, and Virginia; (iv) the share of payday loans that are reborrowed across states, comparing it to varying limits on renewals and requirements for cooling-off periods between the loans; (v) borrower and default patterns for storefront payday loans for three alternative definitions of the loan sequence concept; and (vi) a series of simulations regarding the estimated impacts of certain requirements on the payday, payday installment, and vehicle title loan markets. On June 2, the CFPB simultaneously released its Proposed Rule on Payday, Title, and Installment loans; to review BuckleySandler’s full coverage on the proposal, please see the Special Alert: CFPB’s Proposed Rule Regarding Payday, Title, and Certain Other Installment Loans.

The CFPB’s recent supplemental report comes after its April 20 report titled “Online Payday Loan Payments” and its May 18 report titled “Single-Payment Vehicle Title Lending.”