February 2013

Following the publication of the draft report of Jan Phillip Albrecht in January, discussions have been taking place in four EP Committees charged with publishing official opinions on the Regulation. These Committees are:

  • ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy Committee)
  • IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer Protection)
  • EMPL (Employment Committee)
  • JURI (Legal Affairs Committee)

The ITRE, IMCO and EMPL committees have all voted on their official opinions, whilst JURI is due to vote on its opinion during March. This will then be followed by a vote within the LIBE committee on its final report in April, which will then go before the entire Parliament. So far, the committee opinions have taken a more business friendly approach in their proposed amendments to the draft than taken by Albrecht in his draft report.

The IMCO opinion can be read here.

The ITRE opinion can be read here.

The EMPL opinion can be read here.