Resolution of the Council of Ministers No 43/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 122, Series I of 2014-06-27

Resolution No. 43/2014, of 27 July, amending Resolution No. 90/2012 of the Council of Ministers of 31 October, which sets out the minimum, necessary and cumulative criteria to be complied with in the procedure of issuing extension orders, was published in the Diário da República (Portuguese official gazette).

This amendment seeks to stimulate collective bargaining by means of redefining the criteria for the issuing of extension orders, which take into account the representativeness of micro, small and medium-sized companies.

Therefore, Resolution No. 43/2014, of 27 July adds a new alternative criterion for the issuing of extension orders:

  1. The employer that is a party to the collective bargaining  agreement  must employ at least 50% of employees of the business sector, in the geographical, personal and professional scope intended,


  1. At least 30% of its associates must consist, either directly or through a represented structure, of micro, small or medium-sized companies.

This amendment to Resolution No. 90/2012 by Resolution No. 43/2014 took effect on 28 June 2014.