Delaware: State Opts to Continue With Partnership Marketplace Model

The Delaware Health Care Commission announced that it will continue to operate a State Partnership Marketplace (SPM) in 2016, rather than transition to a Supported State-based Marketplace. Delaware received a non-binding approval from CMS in June to transition to the SSBM model, which the State pursued as a fail-safe in the event that the Supreme Court ruled in King v. Burwell that qualified health plan subsidies may only be offered in states with State-based Marketplaces. Under the SPM model, the State will continue to use and manage consumer outreach and marketing resources.

Washington: Insurance Commissioner Proposes Additional Special Enrollment Period Categories

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner released an overview of a proposal to add two new special enrollment categories for the individual and small group markets established under the Affordable Care Act: 1) if an individual market plan ended midyear, and 2) if consumers experienced a serious medical condition or natural disaster that prevented them from enrolling during the open enrollment period, on a case-by-case basis. The proposed regulation, which will also aim to clarify language from the State special enrollment regulations issued in 2013, is intended to further align Washington's special enrollment periods with those established by the federal government. The changes are anticipated to go into effect before January 31, 2016, the conclusion of the next open enrollment period.