Philip Payne, the former operations manager of Halal-food company Midamar Corp., has pled guilty to a charge of conspiracy to make and deliver false certificates and writings stemming from Midamar’s export of beef to Indonesia and Malaysia purportedly prepared in accordance with Islamic law. U.S. v. Payne, No. 14-cr-0143 (U.S. Dist. Ct., N.D. Iowa, request for approval filed January 7, 2015). In his plea agreement, Payne admitted that Midamar attempted to meet the rise in Halal-meat demand by supplying kosher beef slaughtered by rabbis without any oversight from a Muslim slaughterman.

Several executives at Midamar have been charged with making false statements on export certificates, committing wire fraud and laundering money, allegations to which founder William B. Aossey Jr. and two of his sons pled not guilty in December 2014. A trial on those charges is set for February 17, 2015.