After a decade-long absence, the CBS and Fox networks rejoined the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in a development that was welcomed by NAB President Gordon Smith as “a great day for broadcasting.” Announced on Tuesday, the move brings CBS’s 29 television and 130 radio stations back into the NAB fold along with 27 televisions owned and operated by Fox. The decision also comes as broadcasters continue to circle their wagons against FCC proposals that envision the “repurposing” of television spectrum for wireless broadband use and as cable and other multichannel video service providers increasingly seek the FCC’s intervention in content carriage disputes with the broadcast industry. Disagreements between the networks and independent broadcasters over the national television ownership cap prompted Fox to withdraw from the NAB in 1999 and CBS to follow two years thereafter. (The same issue also caused NBC and ABC to leave the NAB, but both networks returned later.) Observers believe the resumption of Fox and CBS’s membership in the NAB will provides broadcasters with a unified front against the potential repurposing of television spectrum and other important issues that face the broadcast industry. As Fox Television CEO Jack Abernathy acknowledged that “the interests of our industry, our company and our viewers are best served by speaking with one voice on Capitol Hill, at the FCC and in the courts,” CBS Corp. executive vice president Marty Franks said, “we look forward to adding the CBS voice to NAB’s efforts to preserve and enhance broadcasting.”