On 20 May 2016, the CBI updated its Solvency II Information Note 8.  When originally issued, this confirmed the CBI's intention to comply with European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority's (EIOPA) Set 2 Guidelines on Solvency II. The updates now confirm that the CBI (a) complies with the Guidelines (now expanded to include supervision of branches of third-country insurers - in respect of which the CBI has notified EIOPA that it intends to comply as there are currently no such branches in Ireland) and (b) reiterates its expectation that (re)insurers comply with the Guidelines.  The CBI also recently issued Solvency II Information Note 6 (confirming its intention to comply with all of the Set 1 Guidelines on Solvency II. On 3 May 2016, the CBI published updated Notes on Compilation of Statistics National Specific Template 13 (NST 13).  NST 13 is one of the templates developed by the CBI for gathering data for macro-economic statistical purposes beyond that required by Solvency II; but which must be completed by all (re)insurers reporting under Solvency II.