The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has filed its 2008 Business Plan. The OPA is requesting $67.5 million which is a 19 per cent increase over the 2007 budget.

The following are the significant activities that the OPA plans for 2008:

  • Increasing conservation related activities towards meeting the 2010 target reduction of 1,350 MW in peak electricity demand. Twenty-nine conservation and demand management programs will be implemented with expected savings of 410 MW in electricity demand by year-end;
  • Introducing and implementing a system to accurately evaluate, measure and verify conservation program data and results;
  • Supporting and participating in the regulatory review of the Integrated System Plan (further information regarding the plan can be found in the September 11, 2007 issue of  energy@gowlings );
  • Procuring new electricity supply for high priority areas of the province where there is a critical need to ensure reliability, in particular, northern York region, the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario;
  • Procuring additional renewable energy resources toward meeting the province's target of and addition of 2,000 MW in service by 2015;
  • Improving the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program and the Clean Energy Standard Offer Program as experience builds from their ongoing operation. Options for the long-term management and administration of the standard offer programs will also be explored with the participation of relevant stakeholders;
  • Taking steps to promote the development of a forward market for Ontario electricity products and working closely with the Independent Electricity System Operator in considering the development of a day-ahead market; and
  • Developing options for evaluating environmental attributes associated with supply and conservation contracts.

 The full text of the OPA's business plan can be view at the following site: