The Patents Bill passed its third reading in the New Zealand Parliament on 28 August 2013.  It is expected to receive Royal Assent early next week to result in the Patents Act 2013 (‘the Act’), with the key provisions of the Act automatically coming into force on the first anniversary of the date the Act receives Royal Assent. 

In a media release on 28 August 2013, Commerce Minister Craig Foss welcomed the modernisation of New Zealand patent laws saying that the Bill marks a significant step towards driving innovation in New Zealand. It replaces sixty year legislation (the Patent Act 1953) and introduces a patent system suited for the 21st century.

The Patents Bill was introduced into the New Zealand Parliament in July 2008 following extensive consultation with stakeholders over many years! 

The key provisions of the Patent Bill are summarized here in our June Journal (for overseas readers) article, titled ‘Coming Soon to New Zealand, a New Patents Act’.