The latest statistics of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) for the first half of 2013 show that approximately 5,088,500 entities were commercially registered, 659,900 trademark registration applications received and examined, 21,300 trademark issues under TRAB review and 22,800 trademark infringement cases addressed involving totally RMB230,000,000 (US$37,600,000).

China's trademark strategic programs are rolling out in concurrence with the rapid growth of market entities in China, which are being shifted to enhanced exploitation and judicial enforcement. The full play of registered trademarks is currently advocated in terms of use, protection and management.

Further, progress in eliminating trademark infringement is prominent. Two information platforms "Trademark Administrative Enforcement" and "Interface between Administrative and Criminal Enforcement" are being built, while regional enforcement synergy is in focus, along with strenuous daily supervision.

(Adapted from News of China IP Newspaper)