EBA updates on its CRD4/CRR advisory work: EBA has updated its work programme for 2014 to reflect the technical advice the Commission has asked for on various aspects of CRD4 and CRR that require delegated legislation. The different sets of advice will cover the following issues:

  • preferential treatment of covered bonds in prudential regulation;
  • effectiveness of the framework for exposures to securitisations;
  • waivers from Pillar 1, Pillar 2 and ICAAP;
  • Central Bank funding support;
  • procedural set-up of the macro-prudential framework and its overall consistency across the EU;
  • alternative methods to treat fair value gains and losses arising from an institution's own credit standing; 
  • equivalence of third country regimes as regards treatment of certain exposures and the definition of large financial sector entity;
  • appropriateness of the definition of eligible capital applied for the purposes of the large exposures regime; and
  • development of the securitisation market to promote long-term financing.

(Source: EBA Updates Work Programme for 2014

EBA publishes more CRD4/CRR Q&As: EBA has updated its answers to questions on CRD4, CRR and their delegated and implementing legislation. The number of questions with answers is 301, while another 301 are currently under review. (Source: Single Rulebook Q&As