At a meeting of the IASB on August 24, 2010, the Board announced its decision to move forward with an expected-loss approach to impairment that, if adopted, would conflict with the FASB's approach to the same issue. Under the proposed IASB model, a company would have to consider "all reasonable and supportable information and conditions," (IASB November 2009 Exposure Draft) while the approach proposed by the FASB in its May 26, 2010 exposure draft (FASB Exposure Draft), would require a company to consider only expected losses based on past and existing conditions in determining expected-loss impairments. Those who commented on the IASB proposal expressed their desire to have the IASB and FASB reach agreement on an impairment solution even if the two boards do not reach an agreement regarding classification and measurement (IASB Staff Paper).