From ABC's Four Corners program on 19 March 2015, we heard of Karen Casey’s ordeal from the Pel-Air crash into the ocean off Norfolk Island in 2009. From that story, the ABC reports Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is determined to have the law governing Australian domestic flights changed back to include the definition of personal injury so psychological trauma could be compensated. Senator Xenophon says he will introduce a private member’s bill into Parliament in May which will seek to protect the rights of plane crash survivors to be compensated for psychological trauma. ‘The law has been changed in this country to take away people’s rights to claim for psychiatric injury for PTSD which can be as debilitating and crippling as any physical injury’, Senator Xenophon says. ‘In the coming session of Parliament I want to move amendments so that it can go back to what it was pre-2013’. Carter Newell will monitor and report on Senator Xenophon’s submission.