Paraguayan Government through a new policy of Open Government can direct certain American countries to emulate this model.

The Latin American Center for Development Administration (CLAD, in Spanish), did not hesitate to congratulate Paraguay regarding the efforts made on open government, in an Iberoamerican Symposium on Open Government held in Asuncion.

What are the benefits of having an Open Government? Transparency, improving the quality of public services, bringing the Institutions to the people and the ethical dimension of the officials who, in the end, are the visible face of the Government and the ones who have to give quick, legal and effective solutions to the problems of the people.

For CLAD, Paraguay has made progress and the message has permeated Government officials, constituting a team, and this is the key to action in the XXI century.

With the creation of the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP, in Spanish), Paraguay has joined the group of countries with a School of Government and this makes a difference and raises the impulse that the Administration is giving to the topic.

In the eyes of CLAD, Paraguay is seem as a strong country, whose actions are motivating and guiding many of the countries in the region that have not yet addressed in the concrete dimension the issue of Open Government.

Although at the present moment, there are significant developments in the region, there is no doubt that Paraguay, with the teamwork that has been developed, has a promising future in terms of quality management and closeness to citizens.

CLAD estimates that the actions of the Paraguayan Government will guide the work of many other American countries.