The SA Magistrates Court has handed down its judgment in Perry v PJ & T Motors Pty Ltd [2014] SAIRC 3 (22 January 2014), fining the company $59,500 (after a 30% reduction) after an employee was injured after jumping from a platform on a 2.6-metre-high diesel tank.  The employee was instructed to dismantle the platform and ladder attached to the tank.  Contrary to the employer’s instructions, the employee accidentally stepped on the platform, causing it to tip.  Thinking he was going to slide off the tank, the employee jumped and accidentally caught his feet in the ladder, which made him fall head first on the ground.  Magistrate Michael Ardlie acknowledged that the company had no prior convictions, had cooperated fully during the investigation, and had entered an early guilty plea.  Additionally, the company acted promptly to address safety issues raised by Safe Work and, since the incident, has significantly overhauled the work processes and practices on the site and has established new safety procedures.