Ministerial Decisions

Ministry of Higher Education

Ministerial Decision No. 43/2015

Amending some provisions of the executive regulations of the Law of Scholarships, Fellowships & Study Grants (SD 83/2002)

Issued on 20 September 2015. Effective on the day following its publication.

Civil Service Employees Pension Fund

Correction of an erroneous cross-reference found in Article 18 of Decision No. 132/2015 Issuing financial regulations for the Civil Service Employees Pension Fund, published in Official Gazette Issue No. 1106 on 12 July 2015. The said article made reference to Article 101 of the same regulations, and should instead refer to Article 5.

Official Announcements

Tender Board

Tenders No. 47, 48, 49/2015

Project to transfer families whose properties are affected by the activities at Sohar Industrial Port in the Wilayat of Liwa (Residential units – First, Second and Third Packages, respectively)

Commercial Announcements

The commencement of liquidation proceedings in respect of the following companies is announced:

  1. Arabian Sugar & Foodstuffs Supply Co. LLC
  2. Burj Al Hamriyya Al Haditha LLC
  3. Banan International LLC
  4. Firstco Middle East LLC
  5. Safeway International LLC
  6. Abu Qala Fort Trading – Partnership
  7. Mourjan Marinas Muscat LLC
  8. Afras Pipe & Fittings LLC
  9. Planet Events LLC
  10. Harir Lil Tajzia LLC
  11. Outside Marketing LLC