Canadian government, EPCOR Utilities and the Canadian Clean Power Coalition (CPCC) have partnered in a $33 million research and development project that would help Canada move closer to being a leader in clean coal technology. Each group will invest $11 million toward the project. Research will focus primarily on power plants that use a gasification process that turns sub-bituminous coal into synthesis gas and hydrogen which, in turn, would make carbon capture and storage possible. The chair of the CPCC said, "The application of this technology, on this scale, with this type of coal, has not been used anywhere else in the world…By converting coal into synthesis gas, and capturing and sequestering CO2, we can create the electricity that’s cleaner than the best natural gas facility operating today." The project is slated for the EPCOR Genesee Generating System just west of Edmonton and is scheduled to be complete in 2009.