Since August 27th 2015, the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) officially implemented Electronic Notification System, which took effect for all branches, except for the Criminal Courts. This system was approved by the Agreement 15-2015 of such Court.

Thus, litigation attorneys who have the following processes in courts throughout Guatemala may request to be notified in this way:

  • Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice
  • Chamber of Appeal and Pretrial of the Supreme Court (Amparo y Antejuicio)
  • Court of Appeal of Audit and Jurisdiction Conflicts
  • Appeal Courts
  • Trial Court of Auditors
  • Coercive Economic Courts
  • Civil and Mercantile Courts
  • Courts of First Instance of Labour and Social Matters
  • Family Courts
  • Courts for Children and Adolescents

It is a new system that, in addition to traditional methods of notification for court proceedings, allows the parties to be notified electronically, thanks to a locker system that will be provided by the Supreme Court and a notice to be received at the electronic address registered by the user. The implementation of this system will help to expedite the proceedings that are handled in the courts and the Supreme Court of Justice. This system is now being implemented throughout Guatemala.