Remote gambling


Is remote gambling permitted and, if so, what types?

The commercial operation of online gambling can only be pursued by privately owned entities that have been granted a concession to that effect, through entering into a concession contract with the government.

However, unlike for land-based games of chance, the government has not issued regulations governing the concession and operation of online gambling (defined in the Macao Gaming Law as interactive gaming (see question 1) and has not launched a tender to grant these concessions. Additionally, concessionaires of casino games of chance cannot operate interactive games.

The exclusive operators of horse racing (Macao Horse Racing Company Limited) and sports betting (SLOT) can offer online wagering limited to the competitions they offer.


What are the criteria for obtaining a licence to operate remote gambling?

Not applicable (see question 16).

How do the licensing criteria for remote gambling operators differ from those applicable to land-based operators?

Not applicable (see question 16).

Cross-border gambling

May operators located in other countries offer internet gambling to consumers in your jurisdiction without obtaining a licence there?

Macao does not restrict the access to overseas gaming or wagering websites by players that are Macao residents or are located in Macao and does not currently impose any geo-blocking or other similar oblig­ations to operators or to internet service providers.

May operators licensed in your jurisdiction offer internet gambling to consumers in other countries?

Not applicable (see question 16).


What tax rate applies to each form of remote gambling?

Not applicable (see question 16).