Senate Subcommittee to Examine the Effect of Government Support of Large Banks

On July 31, 2014 the Senate Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection will conduct a hearing entitled “Examining the GAO Report on Expectations of Government Support for Bank Holding Companies.” The hearing will examine whether the largest banks receive a de facto subsidy in the form of lower interest rates as a result of the perception that they are “too big to fail.” Subcommittee Hearing Notice.

Tracking Trades

On July 25th, Market Watch noted that two new websites allow investors to follow the stock trades of Senators and Congressional Representatives. Tracking Trades.

IASB Loan Rule Has Costs and Benefits

On July 24th, DealBook discussed a recently adopted International Accounting Standard Board rule that allows banks to write down loans more quickly. Although both banks and regulators supported the rule, others have voiced concern over its possible consequences. IASB Rule.

SIFI Designation

On July 22nd, Bloomberg reported the Financial Stability Oversight Council may vote as early as July 31, 2014 to designate MetLife Inc. a systemically important financial institution. Designation.