In its April 2013 newsletter, the IAIS included an update on ComFrame (the Common Framework for the Supervision of Internationally Active Insurance Groups (IAIGs)). The update provides responses to a number of questions received by the IAIS regarding ComFrame. These have also been incorporated into the IAIS' FAQ on ComFrame. The update confirms the IAIS' view that ComFrame will reduce IAIGs' compliance and reporting demands due to the coordination of supervisory activities and information between the relevant supervisory authorities. The IAIS will not compile a list of IAIGs. Instead, supervisors will assess (on foot of criteria provided by the IAIS, related to international activity and size) whether a group constitutes an IAIG to which ComFrame should be applied. The IAIS expects approximately 50 IAIGS to be identified by supervisors. A further draft ComFrame will be issued for consultation in the third quarter of 2013.