[2008] LTLPI 12.06.09

Claimant (48 years old) underwent carpel tunnel decompression surgery at Defendant Trust’s hospital. The surgeon identified bleeding following wound closure and accordingly extended the wound to identify an arterial bleed, which he ligated at the distal end.

The following day the Claimant reported loss of sensation over the palm of her hand. She was returned to theatre but no haematoma was found and she was discharged home. At a follow up appointment six weeks later she complained of swelling, hypersensitivity and weakness of grip in her right hand.

Claimant alleged her symptoms were due to Trust surgeon negligently causing injury to her palmar arch during original procedure. Liability disputed.

Claimant worked as nursing care assistant. She was absent from work for three months and upon return her duties were modified to enable her to avoid heavy lifting. Her symptoms were permanent and she required help from family and friends with carrying.

Out of court settlement £30,000 (General Damages £12,500).