On January 5th, NFA advised that the CFTC has approved proposed amendments regarding the use of internet and on-line social networking groups when communicating with the public. The Interpretive Notice entitled "Use of On-Line Social Networking Groups to Communicate with the Public" makes clear that on-line communications are subject to the same standards as other types of communications with the public and provides guidance to Members to meet their responsibilities in this area. The Interpretive Notice became effective on December 24, 2009. A related amendment to Compliance Rule 2-29(h) requires that any audio or video distributed through media accessible by the public that makes any specific trading recommendation or refers to the extent of profit previously obtained or achievable in the future must be submitted to NFA for review and approval at least 10 days prior to first use. The amendments to Compliance Rule 2-29(h) become effective February 1, 2010. NFA Notice I-10-01. On January 4th, the SEC granted immediate effectiveness to the proposed amendments to NFA's Interpretive Notice and to the amendment of the Compliance Rule. Comments should be submitted within 21 days after publication in the Federal Register which is expected during the week of January 11. SEC Release No. 34-61280.