On February 8, 2018, the Federal Electricity Commission (“CFE”) published an invitation to an open bidding No. CFE-0036-CASOA-0001-2018 for the public service provision of direct current transmission Ixtepec – Yautepec in favor of CFE.

Pursuant to the invitation issued by CFE, the main purpose of the agreement will be: (i) to develop, manage, and acquire prior activities, construct, perform tests, put in commission and commercial operation the transmission system at its own expense; (ii) to operate, maintain and update the direct current transmission system during the operating stage; (iii) to transfer all rights, licenses, permits, authorizations and property of reinforcement works to CFE.

The estimated investments on this project is approximately US$1.7 billion, and an estimated start date of the operation is 2021, with a transport capacity of 3,000 MW mainly generated by wind farms located in the Tehuantepec Istmo, Oaxaca.

Pursuant to the invitation, the following works will comprise the project:

  • 2 converter stations.
  • 9 feeders.
  • 7 substations.
  • 6 transmission lines with a length of 1,221.0 Km.


Event Date
Publication of requirements February 8, 2018
Site visits February 19, 2018 – February 24, 2018
Commencement date of clarifications meeting March 2, 2018
Deadline to submit offers June 21, 2018
Filing of offers and opening of technical offers June 21, 2018
Opening of economic offers June 28, 2018
Awarding July 4, 2018
Agreement execution July 25, 2018