Since the entry into force of the free trade agreement between Morocco and the United States in January 2006, Morocco is becoming a gateway for foreign companies to enter Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Since then many investors from the United States have shown their interest in trading with and investing in Morocco, while others have increased their investment and involvement. Exports to the United States have also increased significantly.

However, the United States is not the only country with which Morocco has entered into such an agreement. A four-party agreement with Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan became effective on 27 March 2007. It is known as the “Quadra” or “Agadir Agreement” and provides for preferential access to industrial products manufactured in the four countries. The agreement is open to all surrounding Arab countries and aims to dismantle customs barriers on imports. It also represents an important tool for US businesses seeking to expand their trade in and access to the Middle East.

An agreement signed between Morocco and the European Union also seeks to create a free trade zone by 2012. The agreement aims to promote commerce between both parties and to encourage a durable bilateral integration.