A Law Proposal concerning the exceptional release of the optional and the statutory profit-sharing schemes has been registered on the 9th of April 2013.

The Law Proposal would allow the beneficiaries to withdraw, during the year 2013, the whole or part of the frozen assets in one of those profitsharing schemes, except those placed within collective savings plan in view of retirement ("PERCO") and those invested in solidarity funds.

The released sums – including the interests – would not be subject to income tax, but the interests could be subject to general social contributions (CSG) or contributions for the reimbursement of the social debt (CRDS).

The statutory profit-sharing scheme release managed in a frozen current account or the release of both optional and statutory profit-sharing schemes invested in company's stocks in the context of an employee savings scheme would either be subject to a collective bargaining agreement or to the employer's agreement.

The amount of the released sums would be generally limited to € 20,000 per beneficiary.